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Diplegic cerebral palsy (CP), also known as spastic diplegia, is a form of cerebral palsy marked by tense muscles and spasms.Natural options for Cerebral Palsy Traditional medical techniques (physiotherapy, bracing, and orthopedic musculoskeletal surgery) remain the mainstay of treatment strategies at this time.Doctors may also prescribe medication that helps to decrease muscle spasms and stiffness, such as baclofen. As previously mentioned, diplegic CP is the least invasive type of CP, affecting mainly the legs.The most common symptoms and characteristics include: Although an infant can be assessed at birth as high-risk for CP because of asphyxia, it may be several months or years before a formal diagnosis of diplegic CP can be made.Do you have any opinions or suggested natural remedies (herbal, mineral, vitamin-nutrient) that might offset the spastic muscles of a cerebral palsy patient of age 9?Maternal infections, such as a high-grade fever or rubella during pregnancy also play a role in an infant develop diplegic CP.Depending upon each individual, symptoms and characteristics of diplegic CP will range from mild to severe.Limited research indicates acupuncture, biofeedback, may offer slight benefits.Cerebral Palsy treatment, medical options The treatment of cerebral palsy is directed at repair of the injured brain and at the management of the impairments and disabilities resulting from developmental brain injury.

Management options include physiotherapy, occupational and speech therapy, orthotics, device-assisted modalities, pharmacological intervention, and orthopedic and neurosurgical procedures.Signs of cerebral palsy usually appear before the age of three. There is no cure but drugs can help to control seizures and spasms along with physical, occupational and behavioral therapy.Neonatal asphyxia is the most common cause of diplegic CP, which generally happens when a newborn is deprived of oxygen during the delivery process.Leg muscles in particular tend to be extremely tight, and over time, this causes joints to stiffen, reducing the range of motion.The diagnosis takes longer due to the primary symptoms affecting the legs.

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