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Gratiae peeling test

As we all know, the Entre Deux has a great variety of shops for clothing, but one should not forget about the other great shopping opportunities!But of course I also have some new outfits I want to share with you!So, already back in July I got curious and went to Soap Stories to test some new beauty products for my skin.There are a few brands that I am asked about frequently either in comments or on my social media channels.It is used only once per week and helps clearing the pores as well as the renewal of the skin.It's a color that simply makes you happy and prevents you from falling into a grey autumn depression ;) Also I can tick off "leather leggings" from my autumn shopping list, as I found a nice pair, also at ZARA.The shop assistant at Soap Stories suggested that a peeling would be the right thing for my acne prone skin and presented a few options to choose from to me.I really like the peeling, as it makes the skin very soft and brightens it up.Its so lovely, as it is very soft and warm from the inside.The cleansing milk is very gentle and is able to remove light make-up and non-waterproof mascara.

In addition to that, I bought cleansing milk from GRATi AE cosmetics, which I use every evening to clean my face off the make up.I combined it with my new, grey Calvin Klein tank top from Men at Work, which is super basic but an absolute classic that I will probably keep on wearing in the next years!Now I can finally draw some conclusions and share them with you!But also fashion-wise I am preparing well for this autumn! It is the first time for me wearing a red coat and I love it!In total, I think my skin is now perfectly prepared for the cold autumn and I am still curious on how my skin will keep on changing if I keep on using them.

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